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How To Clear a blocked Drain?

If you’re in a hurry and don’t know what to do, you could be searching for ‘how to unblock drainage.’ The best course of action is to leave it to the specialists!

With low-quality equipment and poor drain unblocking procedures, home cures for unblocking drains might potentially cost you additional money in the long run. You may rest confident that if you call a professional drain unblocking Company, you will receive a high-quality service.

In Solihull, we are uniquely equipped to cope with a wide range of drains, which is a significant benefit while operating in the UK’s second-largest city. Argo Drains provides a 24-hour drain repair service in Solihull for both business and residential customers, including:

Warehouses / Industrial Units


Office blocks

Entertainment Venues

Retail units

Hospitality Venues

Toilet Unblocking
A clogged toilet in Solihull may be a major annoyance that requires immediate attention. It might also indicate that the water will soon fill up and stop receding. Argo Drains can unclog toilets and remove clogged drains fast and efficiently.
Kitchen Sink Unblocking
We've all experienced the consequences of a sluggish kitchen drain, particularly when washing fruit or cleaning the dishes. Objects such as grease, lard, cooking oil, coffee grounds, egg shells, and other food particles can clog kitchen drains. Jetter cleaning employs high-pressure cleansers to clear even the most stubborn jams.
Gully Clearing Services
Gully drains are used to collect rainfall and allow it to flow freely. Gully drains, on the other hand, quickly fill up with garbage and silt, putting them at risk of overflowing.
Drain Unblocking
To unclog and unblock drains, we employ high-quality drain cleaning equipment. We clean blocked drains in Solihull with drain cleaning hand rods and high-pressure water drain jetting devices. This will help your drain run more efficiently while also preventing leaks. It also helps to preserve the quality of your drainage system, allowing it to last for many years.

Blocked Drains FAQs

How Can I Spot Blocked Drains?

Signs of a blocked drain in solihull:

  • Gurgling toilet
  • Smells odd
  • Slow draining water
How Do Drains Become Blocked?

Debris could get into house drains in a variety of ways, causing them to get clogged over time. Some of the more typical drain blockages include:

  • Hair – Purchase a drain guard to catch hair before it reaches the drain and wipe it out regularly. Clogged drains may be avoided with regular maintenance and physical cleanup using gloved hands.
  • Soap / washing powders – Many people are unaware that soap is manufactured from oil or fat. This means the soap can react with the water in the drain to generate soap scum, a hard deposit that can discolour bath fittings and block pipes.
  • Dirt – Excessive dirt on garments can cause blockages, therefore washing clothes outside to clear the dirt is a good idea.
  • Food – Another typical reason is food waste going down the drain while eating — food waste should never go down the drain, and fat and oil, in particular, can freeze in the same manner that soap does.
  • Small Objects – While small items can be flushed down the drain, only water, toilet paper, and human waste should be flushed, since any other small matter could get stuck and clog the pipes.
  • Toilet Paper – Too much toilet paper flushed can lead it to build up in the drain, block it up, and prevent toilets from flushing. If water still runs through your toilet after you flush it, you may simply relocate the paper using a plunger. If the toilet just overflows without emptying, a professional drain cleaning service is required.Other objects which can block drains include:
  • Sanitary towels
  • Wet Wipes /nappies
  • Cotton buds
  • Paper towels
  • Liquid cooking fats and oils when cool if poured down when hot they will congeal and
    block pipe.
  • Children’s toys and / or small objects
  • Ground Coffee and tea leaves more now as coffee machines and specialist teas are more Widely / commonly used
Can Blocked Drains Cause Damp?


Because the water travelling down a drain may potentially flow out into the ground all around the drainpipe itself, blocked drains in Solihull can produce damp. The consequences of this water flowing out are far-reaching, with penetrating damp and wet rot being among them. If a pipe has burst beneath your house, you should see evidence of wetness on the walls and floor.

Can a Blocked Drain Cause Structural Damage?

Subsidence occurs when the earth round the drain pipe dips over time as a result of water flowing from the pipe and then into the ground. This might ultimately cause the earth near the property to sink. Another clue might be a very lush, green area of grass, which could indicate that sewage has escaped and is acting as a fertiliser.

Furthermore, when the broken pipe is located beneath the building’s structural points, fractures in the structure, particularly in the floors and walls, may occur. Though this is more likely to occur if a drain has just been neglected for an extended period of time, the damage can be costly.

A blocked or slow running drain can cause:

  • Flooding
  • Sewage that has overflowed
  • If you come into touch with it, it may irritate your skin.
  • Smells inside and outside the property.
  • Wet rot or moisture on the walls or flooring causes furniture damage.
  • If piping is broken, it can lead to subsidence and structural difficulties, such as cracks in walls and floors, which can be costly to fix if left unattended for a long time.
  • If external piping leaks, the ground surrounding the pipes may wash away, causing ground / slab drives to sink.
  • Slow draining water, a higher-than-normal toilet water level line, or even a gurgling sound are all signs that the piping is obstructed.
What are the Health Risks from Blocked Drains?

Blocked drains, if left untreated, can result in a buildup of hazardous germs and bring unwelcome critters to your property.

This might result in major health problems because you may be exposed to infectious microorganisms, which can cause sickness and skin irritation.

Should I Try and Unblock Drains Myself?

Let the experts handle it!

Argo Drains has been in the drainage business for 25 years.

It may appear to be a less expensive option at the moment, but you may not have been able to clear a drain using good technique and inexpensive tools. Drainage rods that are too cheap are prone to breaking.

If your drain isn’t cleared correctly, you might face significant property damage as well as health risks.

How Long Will it Take to Unblock a Drain?

It could take anything from one hour to four hours – depending on the severity of the drain blockage.

How are the Causes of Blocked Drains Identified?

CCTV Drain Surveys are used by us. This is a method of determining the reason of drain clogs, which will help us figure out how to fix the problem.

This procedure entails employing high-definition video equipment to detect problems behind the drain. More info about CCTV Drain Surveys may be found here.

How Does Drain Unblocking Work?

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