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Whether it is a brick-paved driveway, concrete, limestone, exposed aggregate or a patterned concrete surface (creteprint), we can provide exceptional cleaning for your driveway. In fact, every Argo-Drains operator is highly skilled in identifying the requirements for different surfaces.

Sometimes graffiti pleases the eye: it is a form of street art and can be very attractive. However, in most cases graffiti is a nuisance for home owners. Namely, the best way to prevent graffiti is fast graffiti removal! If graffiti is removed as soon as it has been noticed, the damage will be minimised. The longer graffiti remains, the deeper it bonds into the surface and the more difficult it is to remove completely. Fast removal also discourages new graffiti attacks.
Generally, the driveway cleaning process involves the application of a detergent to break down fats, grease, oils and other dirt which may lurk on your driveway. Additionally, our cleaning process utilises our Powerful Jetter cleaning equipment that forces water into the driveway surface.
Oil stain removal from an unsealed block paving or concrete driveway can be a real problem, as both substrates are porous and the driveway draws the oil down into them making it very difficult to remove using conventional cleaning products and methods.
Our house washing services use biodegradable detergents & water pressure cleaning to ensure your home or commercial property looks its best. It's powerful enough to blast through years of dirt buildup. Exterior house washing and commercial building washing shows off any building at it's best.
Removing Graffiti from a property or asset can be quite a challenge. In general, different surfaces and different types of graffiti and paint require different removal techniques. With over 25 years of experience we are the total solution to restore the appeal of your property.

At Argo Drains we provide a wide variety of jetter washing services to clean driveways, remove graffiti and also for exterior house and business premises cleaning.

Graffiti Removal

If your property or business premises has been a victim to a spate of graffiti and other anti-social behaviour then you may be contemplating the cost of removing it over leaving it be. However, the problem with leaving it is it can create a poor first impression of your property and business premises, from professional customers, to visitors to your home, to prospective buyers if you are selling it. Furthermore, any graffiti tends to invite more of it so it is important to keep a lid on the problem by removing any graffiti as quickly as possible.

However, removal of it isn’t always easy as it can begin to damage the substrate it’s applied to as soon as it has been applied, making it harder to remove as time goes on. Also, any incorrect attempt to remove it can cause more damage to the outside of a building than the graffiti itself. At Argo Drains, our team is specially trained in graffiti removal services and we can recommend the best option for you for effective removal of graffiti.

We can provide graffiti removal throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Professional Driveway Cleaning

As well as removing graffiti, we can also use our pressure washers to jet wash your driveway. Our cleaning process ensures a high-quality finish for your driveway, whether concrete, limestone, patterned concrete (Crete print) or block paving driveways, even patio cleaning.

Cleaning will get rid of mud, debris, stains, grime and mildew. By not cleaning your driveway you open the possibility for moss and lichen to grow, which can cause slips and falls. This is especially the case in winter as it holds water which can turn to ice. Also, it can cause damage to get worse and cracks to widen as roots from vegetation grow so cleaning will remove this vegetation.

We do not use any harsh chemicals which means that our cleaning process is environmentally friendly and a spruced-up driveway can transform your entire property as it is one of the key focal points of a home’s exterior. Also, by maintaining your driveway it can help to maintain it so it lasts for years to come.  Not only that, if you intend to sell your property than a clean driveway can help to make it more appealing from the kerb to estate agents and prospective buyers.

Exterior House Cleaning

As well as cleaning driveways, we can also clean the entire exterior of your property or business premises. This can make your home look it’s best and most attractive to visitors and also for you and your family when you have come back home from a long day at work or school. Furthermore, a clean business premises can provide a pleasant space for your staff to work in and also impact prospective customers’ opinion of your company by creating a positive first impression.

We’ve seen the damage that can be done by inexperienced operators who have used the wrong technique or chemicals on delicate surfaces but our exterior cleaning services cover any type of hard outsider service from driveways, conservatories to car parks, render cleaning and roof cleaning and ensure you get the best result.

We provide jet wash cleaning services throughout the West Midlands, including Stoke On Trent.

At Argo Drains, we offer a wide variety of cleaning solutions for the exterior of your property, as well as repairing blocked drains and drainage issues, and providing CCTV drain surveys to identify potential issues with your drains so that you can get them prepared before they turn into something more serious.

We have a helpline available 24/7 so you can call us anytime for a free estimate for your drainage or cleaning issues – simply call 0121 663 6683 to speak to one of our friendly, experienced team members today.

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