Graffiti Removal Birmingham

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti on your commercial property can be a damaging blow to your business and is a major cost for many local authorities in the country. It is often unsightly and can be potentially offensive. Spray paint scrawled over your walls can give a poor first impression of the business, conveying an image of neglect and disregard.

Many people don’t realise that any graffiti left on a building tends to attract even more graffiti and it’s not long before entire walls become a sprawling mess of spray paint. Furthermore, the longer graffiti is left untreated on a surface, the more it can bond and become harder to remove.

However, Argo Drains can help!

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Graffiti Removal services Birmingham

Argo Drains has over 25 years’ experience removing graffiti from commercial buildings which is otherwise difficult to remove. From our base in Lichfield, we’re the most trusted graffiti cleaning service within Birmingham and the West Midlands.

Our visit can be arranged at a time to suit you. When we arrive, our experienced technicians use modern techniques with high-quality pressure washing equipment and custom cleaning chemicals to remove all graffiti. Our experts will get to your property quickly, removing graffiti with no damage.

We can help with a variety of commercial properties, including:

  • Shops
  • Offices
  • Industrial units
  • Tower blocks of flats
  • Canal sides / bridges
  • Perimeter Walls
  • Toilet cubicles
  • Garages

If you have a problem with graffiti at your business premises then please give Argo Drains a call. We are specialists in garage & wall graffiti removal throughout Birmingham & the West Midlands. We can also help with driveway cleaning, blocked drains and cctv drain surveys too.

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