CCTV Drain Surveys Dudley

Find the cause of your blocked drains in Dudley, without expensive and disruptive digging, with a CCTV drain survey.
CCTV Survey's
A drain CCTV survey will identify possible causes of regular blockages, such as grease, debris, tree roots, displaced joints, or structural damage. They are also useful to confirm that a blockage has been effectively cleared and all debris, including any secondary blockages, removed.
Site drainage plans can be required for management of underground assets; to satisfy the requirements of an environmental accreditation process; or for contributing impermeable areas assessment on proposed development sites.
Flooding may be caused by inadequate drainage design, reduced capacity in a drainage system due to debris or structural defects, or simply blocked gulleys or channel drains. In some cases, a surcharging downstream sewer may be the culprit. The cause of flooding incidents can rarely be established without undertaking a drain CCTV survey
Find out what is the cause of any internal or external smells from your drains. In addition to structural defects, these could originate from faulty seals in manhole covers or incorrect venting. Bad odours are a health hazard and can give off dangerous gasses and harbour harmful bacteria.

What is a CCTV Drain Survey?

A CCTV drainage survey is a way of assessing drainage systems using high tech remote camera technology which records video footage and other useful data which can be used to diagnose drainage issues.

It involves putting a camera down your drainage system to identify any damage to it (as well as possible causes of it). By using a CCTV camera system we can diagnose issues faster and more accurately, with repairs also being more efficient too.

Types of CCTV drainage camera systems

There are two main types of camera which can be used for your CCTV drain survey Dudley, a robotic crawler and a push CCTV drainage camera.

A robotic crawler camera is controlled through a console inside a specialist van. The camera is fitted on a rugged body, with an electric motor to turn the wheels and drive it through the pipe. With advances in technology, these cameras come in a wide variety of diameters, ranging from 150mm to 2000mm. It is also possible to record HD quality footage with LED lighting fitted. Our cameras also use articulating arms and camera heads which can swivel and rotate, with lenses that can also zoom in and out in order to accurately diagnose the cause of your blocked drains.

A push CCTV drainage camera is more often used when the pipe has a smaller diameter, is vertical, or the pipe could have bends in it which make it harder for a robotic crawler to be used. These cameras are fitted to a flexible rod at the end, which is stored on a small reel so the camera can be guided along the pipe by the operator, with a monitor installed above the reel to track its progress. These cameras are also fitted with LED lights in order to illuminate the inside of the pipe and pick up the causes of defects.

What type of issues can a CCTV drainage survey find?

A CCTV survey is a quick, non-invasive and cost effective way to detect drainage problems – whether it be an easy to solve case of blocked drains or a serious drain or pipe collapse.

Our CCTV drainage survey will identify the following issues which you can then repair and put into a planned preventative maintenance (PPM) program to keep your drains functioning for years to come:

  • Blockages
  • Scale Build Up
  • Signs of poor installation or displacement
  • Corrosion
  • Wear and Tear
  • Leaks
  • Displaced joints
  • Cracked and collapsed drains

Note: It can sometimes be necessary to clean the drains with jetter washing prior to a CCTV survey in order to clean the pipe which helps to identify if the pipes are cracked when they are scaled up.

CCTV Drain Surveys and Extensions

If you are planning an extension on your property in Dudley then it is important to look at how the proposed project could affect your drainage. For instance, if your extension goes over or close to a public sewer you may need permission from your sewerage undertaker. Furthermore, if the build is over an existing drain or sewer than pipes could be damaged, causing leaks, blockages, odour and potentially leading to health concerns and environmental damage. Our technology can help give an accurate view of the current drainage system and whether it will need changes prior to the extension build.

CCTV Surveys and Moving House

Another time you may want to consider a CCTV survey is if you are moving into a new house. This will help you to identify any issues with the drainage before purchasing the property which can be very beneficial as you can negotiate with the seller to resolve these issues before purchasing. This could be much better than buying the house outright and waiting for the problems to surface where because you now own the property the issues will become yours to fix, so contact us today to allow us to undertake a drain inspection and  check if there are any issues.

If you would like to book a CCTV drain survey, whether it be domestic or commercial premises, then simply call 0121 663 6683 24/7 to speak to one of our friendly staff today. Argo Drains provide emergency drain unblocking and repair services, including CCTV Drain Surveys, from across the West Midlands, as well as driveway and exterior house cleaning and graffiti removal in Dudley.

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